Internet fraud

DPEX Europe is aware that fraudsters use DPEX Europe identity on websites and email messages to mislead internet shoppers. The fraudulent communications typically concern a request for advance wire transfer of money to pay for goods ordered on the internet, before the goods will be allegedly shipped by DPEX Europe . Or it concerns messages that request for an advance payment before the release of some lottery prize.

We advise all customers to beware of such requests for advance on-line payments, and that the existence of a consignment number (or tracking number) is not necessarily proof that a consignment is in the custody or control of DPEX Europe.

If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity of any DPEX Europe communication or whether DPEX Europe is in fact delivering a shipment intended for you, please contact our customer service department in your country.

DPEX Europe does everything reasonable in its power to prevent these scams from happening again. Our customer service, security and legal departments are working closely together to inform our customers of these scams and take them down
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